Book a One of a Kind Experience

Taste the Unique Flavors of Hawaii

Experience the magic of Hawaii island through one of a kind flavors and aromas.  Join Ken for a journey into artistry featuring fresh green teas from Mauna Kea Tea farm, punctuated by his own handmade, soft and delicate Hawaiian incense featuring sustainably reforested Royal Hawaiian sandalwood.  This is an opportunity to connect with the beauty of Hawaii in a unique way through all the senses.

We will provide natural farmed, artisan made Hawaiian green teas. First flush premium green, "Orchid Dew" premium green, "Slow Roast" premium green and possibly other seasonal fresh teas. As well as small snacks that suit the tea tasting well. Usually I can get local fresh made mochi - a perfect treat for tea.

This experience is offered in the spirit of 一期一會 ichigo-ichie or “a lifetime, a moment” a four-character idiom that describes a cultural concept of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a moment.  Therefore, this will be a technology free event.  No photos or video.

You will come away from this experience having a deeper appreciation for this island, the people doing beautiful preservation work and for your own senses.

We look forward to hosting you - Location on the farm is rustic - outhouse, squat toilet for bathroom. Please consider this.

No cellphones or videos, social media or other similar distractions from the experience on the farm.

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